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Learn the traditional dance of your place of origin and contribute to its heritage

The cultural heritage of any place is governed by many things like its art, culture, traditional dance and the aboriginal archaeology. The people of any particular region or nation are the main knowledge holders or channels of culture and also in the years to come.  Tradition travels through the generations keeping its charm and its spirit intact throughout the years. The traditional dance of any place, that was first introduced hundreds of years back, is still found alive in that particular region due to the knowledge holders teaching their cultural skills to the up and coming generations.

Cultural Heritage Dance

 The popularity of such traditional dance may sometimes be found to be fading due to very few people in the modern era willing or desiring to learn the old traditions. In such event, people break the chain or flow of tradition and the once popular traditional dance is no longer retained, even in the place of its origin.  Cultural heritage advisors may be the right people to carry the legacy into the future as they know the importance of  rich heritage in people’s lives and hence they incorporate different methods for preserving traditional dance, art and culture.

Special training sessions for traditional dance

In order to retain the originality of the traditional dance and to take it further without losing its essence, the heritage consultants would opt for offering training sessions to the aspirants while encouraging them to perform their best. The exclusive dance show promotes the traditional dance and culture and it may also be  as a part of the cultural heritage management. The special competitions can also be held for the younger age dancers specializing in the rich traditional dance as it will further reinforce their love for this dance and also encourage others to join the bandwagon.

Make it a tourist attraction

Tradition dance

Some dance forms are quickly getting lost in the modern era, but cultural heritage consultants attempt to ensure that these dance forms remain in the limelight by making them a tourist attraction. Special shows for the tourists can be arranged so that they can also learn about the rich culture of that place while the locals can showcase their art. There are many such places that have included their cultural tour as a part of the itinerary so that the tourists don’t miss the opportunity to be exposed to the foreign culture. Perhaps another way to ensure the retention of culture is through cultural heritage training which helps interested individuals and organisations learn about other cultures but also about their own. Such training is also delivered by experts in the field of cultural heritage conservation. There are many ways to retain the art and culture of the place, but the main key lies in the hands of the local inhabitants.

The video below explains why the protection of cultural heritage and specifically intangible cultural heritage is so important for the longevity of ancient world cultures.