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A Crude And Viral Video Exposes Hazards Of Making Friends In China

You find stacks of YouTube videos on how to eat, shop and travel in China, a place still considered enigmatic to the West. But a simple, plain-spoken English-language teacher released a clip in December that has suddenly garnered more than 271,000 views, above the norm for China videos. This one […]
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Try As It Might, Hong Kong Just Can’t Live Without China (And Their Tourists)

Visitors to Hong Kong from mainland China had already dropped from 2014 to 2015 for a total of 45.8 million arrivals and that decline lingered into the first half of this year.
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China And The Philippines Set To Break A Tense 4-Year Standoff

China’s foreign ministry said do it and Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said do it. Now it’s getting done. The two countries bitterly at odds since 2012 over competing claims to part of the South China Sea between them want to talk formally with an eye toward working out some kind […]
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